Sharing Courses 2021-2

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There are several ways to share GIFT course with others depending on where and how you want the course to be accessed.

  • Share course with another GIFT user - by far the simplest way of sharing courses. This is useful if the other person has an existing GIFT account and will be using the same GIFT instance where the course is located.
  • Export Tutor - useful if you want to download your GIFT course as a backup, import it into another GIFT instance or send it to someone else. An exported course can not be taken without a running GIFT instance.
  • Import Tutor - used to import GIFT courses that were exported.

Share course with another GIFT user

To share a course with another GIFT user you must know the users GIFT account username. Read the following sections to learn how to share each type of course.

Sharing your courses

If you would like to share a GIFT course that you own and is shown on the Take a Course page of the GIFT dashboard than you will use the share button on the course tile for that course.

Currently you can specify whether the account you are sharing with can view or edit the course.

Sharing Published Courses

If you would like to share a Published course (e.g. GIFT Experiment, LTI) with other GIFT users to help facilitate collaborative research than you will use the share button on your published course.

You can assign Manager and Researcher roles to any of the published courses that you own. A Manager can do everything an Owner can do, except delete the published course. This includes the ability to share that published course with others. A Researcher can only generate reports. Researchers can't export raw data.