Official Release of GIFT 2023-1 is Here!!!

Added by Goldberg, Ben 7 months ago

Hello to the GIFT User Community! It's been a busy year and we are excited to post our latest public-facing version of the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT). And just in time for Thanksgiving!!

Download GIFT 2023-1 and dependencies directly from this link:

A GIFT account is required to download the software, and is available at no cost. Also check out the forums for Frequently Asked Questions from the community and to contact the GIFT development team if any issues are experienced, or if new features are requested. Also check out the Documents Tab to see the latest publications from the broader GIFT team across the last year.

This release features:
- Linux and Docker support for server deployments
- Keycloak and Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication
- Validated version of our first eXperience Training Support Package (XTSP) data model and schema
- External Strategy Providers with an example course in the domain of Gunnery Engagement
- Improvements to the Course Editor user experience
- Enhancements and extensions to the GIFT Game Master
- Improvements to GIFT's domain and pedagogical modules
- GIFT's Log4J Library has been updated with 2.20.0
- ActiveMQ library has been updated to 5.18.3
- And MUCH MUCH More!!

GIFT Cloud updates will still be deployed regularly, so keep track of GIFT news items for announcements on new functionality.

For a full breakdown of all new functions and services, visit this link to the GIFT2022-1 release notes: