2014_12_Adaptive Tutoring for Self-Regulated Learning: A Tutorial on Tutoring Systems - ARL Special Report

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The tutorial described in this report was conducted at the Human-Computer Interaction International Augmented Cognition Conference in Creta Maris, Crete, Greece, in June 2014. The purpose of this tutorial was 3-fold: 1) familiarize participants with the fundamental principles of adaptive Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) design; 2) illustrate how ITS design influences/enables self-regulated learning; and 3) discuss the need for standards for authoring of ITS, modeling of learners and experts, automated instructional strategies, and methods of analysis for ITS technologies.


ARL-SR-0305.pdf (5.49 MB) Cruz, Deeja, 04/12/2016 04:20 PM [D/L : 1940]