2012_09_DHSS - Adaptive Game-Based Tutoring: Mechanisms for Real-Time Feedback and Adaptation

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Abstract: The advantages associated with game-based training platforms in the military domain are apparent. They enable Soldiers to practice the application of knowledge and skills in a safe simulated environment across multiple domains. However, simulation- and game-based training is limited in their ability to stand as instructional tools in the absence of live monitoring and instruction. Through the integration of computer-based tutoring technologies, game-based training has the potential to facilitate practice of executing tasks while having mechanisms to guide performance and facilitate instruction through embedded pedagogical functions. This poses many challenges that must be addressed. In this paper, the authors highlight desired functions and interactions between game-based platforms and computer-based tutoring architectures for support of real-time guidance and adaptation. Games provide unique environments for applying adaptations to specific scenario elements and for providing feedback on performance in real-time.

Goldberg, B., Sottilare, R., Brawner, K., & Holden, H. (2012, September). Adaptive game-based tutoring: Mechanisms for real-time feedback and adaptation. In International Defense & Homeland Security Simulation Workshop in Proceedings of the I3M Conference.


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