2012_07_AHFE - Cognitive and Affective Modeling in Intelligent Virtual Humans for Training and Tutoring Applications

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Abstract: This chapter reviews current and emerging trends in cognitive and affective (e.g., emotions, motivational) modeling within virtual human and their application to training and tutoring domains for individuals and small groups. Virtual humans have become commonplace in computer games and other digital entertainment applications, but thier use for training and one-to-one tutoring applications is evolving and remains primarily focused on well-defined training/tutoring domains (e.g., procedural tasks and rule-based domains including mathematics and physics). In order to support viable self-regulated learning environments, future training and tutoring systems will require vitual humans with enhanced cognitive and affective capabilities that are adaptive, engaging and motivating in ill-defined domains.

Sottilare, R., & Hart, J. (2012). Cognitive and affective modeling in intelligent virtual humans for training and tutoring applications. Advances in Applied Human Modeling and Simulation, 113.


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