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This workshop was conducted under the auspices of the AI in Education (AIED) Conference as part of the Festival of Learning in London, June 2018. This workshop is focused on exploring opportunities for standards for a class of technologies known as Adaptive Instructional Systems (AISs). Adaptive instruction uses computers and AI to tailor training and educational experiences based on the goals, learning needs, and prefer-ences of each individual learner and team of learners. In December 2017, the IEEE Learning Technologies Standards Committee (LTSC) approved the formation of a study group to examine the feasibility and efficacy of standards for AISs. This work-shop and its associated papers are intended to expose the broader ITS community to recent activities and plans, and solicit input on low hanging fruit (near-term opportuni-ties) to develop AIS standards.

This month, the IEEE Standards Association approved the formation of a new working group to advance the discussion and development of AIS standards that was begun by the AIS study group. The AIS standards working group was formed under IEEE Project 2247. Additional information about this working group and its activities can be found by signing up to participate as a working group member at:

You don’t have to be an IEEE member to a member of the working group. Please sign up today!

June 2018
Robert Sottilare


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