2017_06_AIED Conference Paper_Affect Dynamics in Military Trainees using vMedic

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The role of affect in learning has received increasing attention from AIED researchers seeking to understand how emotion and cognition interact in learning contexts. The dynamics of affect over time have been explored in a variety of research environments, allowing researchers to determine the extent to which common patterns are captured by hypothesized models. This paper present an analysis of affect dynamics among learners using vMedic, which teaches combat medicine protocols, as part of their military training at West Point, the United States Military Academy. In doing so, we seek both to broaden the variety of learning contexts being explored in order better understand differences in these patterns and to test the theoretical predictions on the development of affect over time.

Ocumpaugh, J., Andres, J. M., Baker, R., DeFalco, J., Paquette, L., Rowe, J., ... & Sottilare, R. (2017, June). Affect Dynamics in Military Trainees Using vMedic: From Engaged Concentration to Boredom to Confusion. In International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (pp. 238-249). Springer, Cham.


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